The Atrium at Rolling Spirit
Personal Development and Self-Care Center
The Atrium at Rolling Spirit
6169B Industrial Court
Greendale, WI 53129
Gather.      Breathe.      Expand.
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The Atrium at Rolling Spirit is personal development and spiritual
wellness center committed to creating a noncompetitive abundance
community where all gifts and talents are celebrated. We offer a wide
variety of self-care experiences including life coaching, energy
modalities, support groups, workshops, events, and individual
The Mission of The Atrium
The Mission of The Atrium is to create a
community of people that come together to
expand their understanding of themselves
and others.  We honor each individual and
allow each to take responsibility for his/her
own truth and discover his/her own path.

In addition, we create a space where
self-care and personal development
practitioners can continue their own
journeys of teaching and learning in a
loving, supportive environment.
The Abundance Commitment - There is enough for all of us
It is our intention to create a truly different business model, work
environment, and personal experience.  We define Abundance Model as
the core belief operating system that there is enough for all of us, and by
releasing fear and competition, we can all flourish and attract everything
we desire.

We commit to setting the intention daily that there is enough… enough
people, enough money, enough resources, enough knowledge, enough
opportunity, enough peace, enough joy.  We celebrate in our successes
and hold the focus on love and oneness.